Tony Cruz
Trainer ˇV Hong Kong Jockey Club
1. How long have you been using the CENTURION TRANSPIRATOR?
I bought my first 2 TRANSPIRATORS in 1996, when I first started training and I have just purchased 2 new machines. For me they have always been an important part of my training regime. The TRANSPIRATOR is an extremely reliable piece of equipment and we have had no problem with the machines. Anyway, we can always call the local Hong Kong distributor, GARESCH INTERNATIONAL, if we have any questions.
2. Why did you choose a CENTURION TRANSPIRATOR ˇK any special features or advantages of the machine that made you choose the CENTURION TRANSPIRATOR?

Due to the humidity in Hong Kong, I started to notice certain horses experiencing respiratory difficulties. We needed to reduce the resistance of air movement in the bronchioles and the lungs. The TRANSPIRATOR seemed like the obvious choice because it offered all of that and more.? A major advantage of using the TRANSPIRATOR is that it is drug free therapy. Itˇ¦s really fantastic to have such an effective machine which is so simple and easy to use. Another important factor, is that the horses are so relaxed during the therapy.



3. Why do you think the CENTURION TRANSPIRATOR is of benefit?    

A huge benefit is the fact that it promotes mucous clearance. But itˇ¦s not just a product thatˇ¦s only ˇĄproblem-oriented.ˇ¦ It can be just as effective if used for maintenance purposes on healthy horses.

4. Do you see any differences in performance levels since using the CENTURION TRANSPIRATOR?    

We find that using the TRANSPIRATOR on horses with signs of respiratory or related problems definitely helps recovery and to stabilize performance ˇV which is really what weˇ¦re looking for. We donˇ¦t want to see any of our horseˇ¦s condition deteriorate because of respiratory problems, thereby affecting their performance. Itˇ¦s not so much a difference in performance but obtaining the best possible performance and the TRANSPIRATOR helps with this.


5. Do you think there is a greater need to use a TRANSPIRATOR in HK compared to other places you have worked or is using a TRANSPIRATOR something that most race horses can benefit from?


Most horses can benefit from using a TRANSPIRATOR simply because it promotes respiratory conditioning. Of course, a place like Hong Kong has its own unique environmental characteristics, which call for a higher level of attention to be placed on a horseˇ¦s respiratory health.


6. Do you find that you can use the TRANSPIRATOR periodically on a horse or is it better to use on a continual basis?? Can all horses benefit from using a TRANSPIRATOR or is it only really required for horses with some form of respiratory problem?    


I personally only use the TRANSPIRATOR on horses with a problem but it can be used on a continual basis. Itˇ¦s great for the winter or dryer months to provide moisture to the respiratory tract and reducing airway water loss and cooling.

    7. In your opinion, how do air pollutants in Hong Kong affect the general health of horses? What are some ways of combating these negative effects?    

    In my opinion, itˇ¦s the heat and humidity that have the most detrimental effect on a horseˇ¦s health. Of course air pollution is always a factor we need to be aware of. But since we have to work with the environment weˇ¦re in, the TRANSPIRATOR can provide us with an easy-to-apply option to deal with the local environmental conditions.


    8. Are there any bacteria or respiratory problems unique to Hong Kong that adversely affect the horseˇ¦s respiratory system?    

    Yes. We see a lot of upper respiratory tract conditions. Iˇ¦ve found the most common problems to be Dorsal Displacement of the Soft Palate (DDSP) and Epiglottic Entrapment (EE) of the pharynx, and Laryngeal Paralysis of the larynx.


    9. What are the positive effects of ˇĄrespiratory conditioningˇ¦ on a race horses performance?    

    The most positive effects are that there is no blood in the trachea, and the lungs are clear of mucous.


    10. Does the humidity in Hong Kong have any adverse effects on horses during racing season?


    Definitely. Thatˇ¦s why respiratory conditioning is so important. This is why we have 2 Centurion TRANSPIRATORS in use.


    11. What are the benefits of using the TRANSPIRATOR as opposed to not using anything?



    The TRANSPIRATOR can actually help clear up the problems that we find most threatening to performance. Thatˇ¦s reason enough for me to continue to use the machine.