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Individual: Immunsystem


EQUINA Immunopro

To vitalize and stabilize the immune system

Nutrient complex made from high-quality beta glucans, vitamins E and C (ProCell C), algae and trace elements

Liquid supplementary feed for horses

An intact immune system is the fundamental prerequisite for the health and performance of the horse. In addition to infections and allergies, situations with increased pressure or risk of infection pose a challenge to an intact immune system. This applies in particular to: changing stables, stress caused by training and competition, frequent travel by the horse, events such as tournaments or auctions, stables with high levels of... Stocking density and frequent new installations. Even during surgical procedures, such as B. Castration or operations with a hospital stay, there is a risk of secondary infections.

On the one hand, the immune system can be prepared to defend itself against certain pathogens through targeted vaccinations. However, it is just as important to stimulate and stabilize the acquired defense system.

A 3-year study on 450 horses by the Karthaus Veterinary Clinic shows the consistently positive effects of EQUINA ImmunoPro in horses with an unstable immune system (leukocytosis / leukopenia)

With  EQUINA ImmunoPro,  a new type of nutrient complex is available that supplies these vital substances. EQUINA ImmunoPro  can be used both preventatively and in acute cases.

Equina IMMUNOpro contains:

  • Beta Glucane - For building the most important immune cells, the highly active macrophages, produced using a patented, glucan-friendly process

  • Algae - to support the natural defenses with a high content of omega-3 fatty acids

  • Zinc - To promote the immune system and the formation of immune cells

  • Vitamin E and vitamin C (ProCell C), as well as copper - as antioxidants against cell-damaging free radicals. To stimulate the immune system

Doping relevance:  none


Yeast, glucose, lactose, calcium carbonate, monocalcium phosphate, algae flour, sodium chloride

Analytical components and contents:

Crude protein 13.31%, crude fat 0.80%, crude fiber 0.14%, crude ash 11.51%, sodium 0.50%

Additives per kg

Vitamin E - 3,500 mg

Vitamin C as ProCell C - 30,000 mg

zinc - 1,500 mg

copper - 1,000 mg

manganese - 600 mg


Horses (500-700 kg)

- 20 g = 1-2 measuring spoons/day

Via food, drinking water or oral syringes.

Medium and small horse breeds receive weight according to their expected final weight.


Equina IMMUNOpro 600g

30 days for a 500-700 kg horse

Source of supply in Germany: Your veterinarian

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