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Individual: bronchial system


EQUINA Secrolin

For an intact bronchial system.

To support the natural regeneration and stabilization of the bronchial and immune systems.

Complex of 18 organically high-quality herbs

Supplementary feed for horses

Herbs form a natural nutritional basis for the horse.

In ideal green fodder, such as pasture, hay and silage, the proportion of grasses should be 70 - 80% and herbs and clovers 15 - 20%.

The value of herbs in pasture, hay and silage varies greatly. They depend, among other things, on the botanical composition, fertilization and pasture care and use, but also storage (hay/silage).

In addition to important nutrients such as vitamins, trace elements and minerals, herbs also provide flavonoids, saponins, bitter substances and mucilage.

Among other things, they strengthen the bronchial and immune systems, support functions such as regulated mucus formation, and promote natural regeneration and resistance.

Pastures with optimal plant structure are often no longer available. This leads to deficits in supply. This undersupply can lead to a weakening of the immune system and thus increased susceptibility of the upper and lower respiratory tract. This in turn manifests itself in seizures, coughing, irritation of the larynx, nasal discharge, etc.

EQUINA Secrolin

A specific concentrate of 18 important herbs with important nutrients such as vitamins, trace elements and minerals, also flavonoids, saponins, bitter substances and mucilage. They support and regulate the natural functions of the bronchial system (e.g. mucus formation) and strengthen the immune system.

Premium Selection

The nutrients used are physiologically adapted to the horse's needs. They are manufactured in a nutrient-friendly manner and are characterized by high bioavailability and effectiveness with the best possible acceptance.

Doping relevance: none


Dr. F. Bathe / Borgholzhausen:
“We have been using Equina Secrolin in our practice since its market launch in various respiratory patients with great success.

For patients with acute respiratory infections, in addition to antibiotic and secretolytic treatment, we also provide horse owners with Secrolin during therapy and aftercare.

We are repeatedly told about extremely good acceptance here. In addition, according to our experience, Secrolin works optimally as protection against new infections in respiratory infections that have not yet completely subsided.

We were able to achieve significant improvement with Secrolin, especially in patients with chronic laryngeal irritation. Especially in patients who, for example, repeatedly coughed when moving from the stable to the riding arena, we were able to achieve a complete disappearance of these symptoms with Secrolin.

In our experience, with Secrolin, the veterinarian has an ideal preparation to be able to provide patient owners with a well-tolerated supplementary feed in the event of respiratory problems in horses, both as a preventive measure, as an accompanying therapy and as follow-up care."


Additives per kg

Herbal mixture - 100%


In times of increased need, receive the usual ration

Horses (500-700 kg)

1 - 2 measuring cups daily

Foals, medium and small horse breeds

1/2 - 1 measuring cup daily

Application tips

If there is increased need, the ration can be doubled in the first 3 days.


Equina SECROLIN 800g

Up to 60 applications for a horse weighing 500-700 kg

Source of supply in Germany: Your veterinarian

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