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Performance: Fertility


EQUINA Secrolin

To optimize the fertility situation of broodmares and stallions.

With high-quality beta carotene, vitamins E and C (ProCell C) and trace elements (Active2)

Supplementary feed for horses

Broodmares as well as breeding stallions need a specific, high-quality nutrient supply for optimal fertility.

Insufficient or incorrect care can lead to problems with the breeding mare, follicular development (early embryonic death, abortions) and, in the breeding stallion, to reduced sperm count or sperm motility.

An important prerequisite for the chances of fertilization in conjunction with a reduction in the effort required is the? Promoting the cycle. Good, intensive horses with pronounced and maturing follicles - especially after a seasonal cycle break - provide an excellent basis.

EQUINA Trifertil  supplies nutrients that influence the activation of the ovaries, the promotion of follicle formation and horses in the mare. This positive process continues through follicle maturation, corpus luteum formation and stabilization of the cycle.

Cycle-controlled processes in the uterus area also benefit from this. The nutrient complex in  EQUINA Trifertil  can continue to support the development of embryos in the early pregnancy stage.

Breeding stallion
The quality characteristic of a good breeding stallion is, among other things, its fertilization rate. On the one hand, this depends on his libido, the sperm quality and the ability to produce the sperm, especially under high breeding demands.

EQUINA Trifertil supplies the breeding stallion with   the nutrients that influence the individual possible optimization of his ejaculates.

This refers to the vitality criteria of the sperm and the total sperm of an ejaculate.

EQUINA Trifertil contains:

  • Beta carotene
    - to promote follicle formation, maturation and follicle jump

  • Folic acid
    - for intact sperm formation
    - as protection against fruit loss

  • Copper
    - to promote fetal vitality

  • Manganese
    - for the production of progesterone in the corpus luteum

  • Iodine
    - influence on the cycle

  • Vitamin E, C and Selenium
    - to protect the cell membrane and sperm from antioxidants

EQUINA Trifertil  with the new vitamin C (ProCell C). PH neutral and many times more active than conventional vitamin C.

EQUINA Trifertil  contains ACTIVE2 TEC (Trace Element Complex). This novel trace element combination of organic and inorganic forms of a trace element such as copper, manganese and zinc ensures optimal supply with high efficiency and depot effect.


The nutrients used are physiologically adapted to the horse's needs. Manufactured in a way that conserves nutrients, they are characterized by excellent acceptance, high bioavailability and effectiveness.

Doping relevant: none


Dr. med. vet G. Stuhtmann, stud veterinarian in Sweden
“In the 2010/2011 season for frozen semen production, I had to look after two stallions whose sperm had a motility of 20-25% after thawing. These ejaculates were therefore not suitable for use in insemination. Furthermore, vitality was below 50%. Another stallion had very variable sperm quality, so that only every third/fourth ejaculate was suitable for use in insemination. Since I had previously had good experience with Trifertil, I also used it on these stallions with very good success. One and a half to two weeks after starting supplementary feeding with Trifertil, I was able to observe significantly better motility and vitality of the sperm and thus gain insemination portions. Furthermore, I was able to increase the sperm quality in stallions that already had good sperm quality before using Trifertil Quality and consistency of sperm quality. These experiences have once again made it clear to me how important good and balanced feeding of breeding stallions is and I can only recommend the use of Trifertil.”


Additives per kg

Vitamin A - 1200,000 iU

Vitamin E - 45,000 mg

vitamin C - 60,000 mg

Beta carotene - 10,000 mg

copper - 1,200 mg

manganese - 2,000 mg

zinc - 2,000 mg

iodine - 60 mg

selenium - 10 mg

Folic acid - 200 mg


Broodmares and breeding stallions receive 50g = 2 measuring spoons daily

Broodmares (500-700 kg body weight)

- 3-eared mares, to promote breeding maturity
- Güste mares, approx. 2-4 weeks before the first planned insemination/breeding until the eighth week of pregnancy
- Foal mares, approx. 2-4 weeks before the foaling date until the eighth week of pregnancy

Breeding stallions (500-700 kg body weight)

- 2-4 weeks before the start of the breeding season
- If necessary: ​​continued throughout the entire breeding season, e.g. high breeding stress

Other horse breeds according to their body weight


Equina TRIFERTIL 3,000g

60 days for a 500-700 kg horse

Source of supply in Germany: Your veterinarian

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