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Individual: Performance, short term


EQUINA Energy Xpro

For quick regeneration and high performance requirements, concentrate of carnitine, vitamin B complex, vitamin E, essential amino acids and trace elements (as active2)

Liquid supplementary feed for horses

During high physical stress during training and competition, but also after convalescence, the horse is dependent on a separate supply of nutrients in order to quickly regenerate its performance potential.

Equina ENERGY Xpro  is a complex of biologically high-quality nutrients that can be quickly absorbed and utilized by the organism thanks to their liquid formulation:

  • Carnitine
    To support energy metabolism and its provision in the organism

  • Vitamin E
    As muscle cell protection against damaging free radicals, for more relaxation

  • Vitamin B complex
    energy production (nicotinic acid). Stimulating the entire energy metabolism (vitamin B1-B12), supporting the vitamin E effect (inositol)

  • Magnesium
    Supports muscle and joint metabolism, to avoid muscle cramps and tension

  • Amino acids
    muscle building and joint protection (methionine and lysine)

  • Trace elements
    oxygenation of the muscles (iron), strengthening of the immune system (zinc)

The innovative dosing system enables quick and safe application. Simply draw the desired amount of  EQUINA Energy Xpro  into the oral syringe provided and place it in the horse's mouth pocket.

EQUINA Energy Xpro  is suitable in situations where fast supply is important, e.g. B. high performance requirements before or in competitions.

Premium Selection

The nutrients used are physiologically adapted to the horse's needs. They are manufactured in a nutrient-friendly manner and are characterized by high bioavailability and effectiveness with the best possible acceptance.

Doping relevance:  none


Water, magnesium chloride, soy, sugar, glucose, calcium chloride

Analytical components and contents:

Crude fat 13.35% Crude fiber 0.01% Crude protein 10.00% Crude ash 2.15% Magnesium 0.30%

Additives per kg

Carnitine - 6,000 mg

Vitamin E - 100,000 mg

Vitamin B1 - 5,500 mg

Vitamin B2 - 5,500 mg

Vitamin B6 - 2,000 mg

Vitamin B12 - 45,000 mcg

Nicotinic acid amide - 8,000 mg

Pantothenic acid - 4,000 mg

Inositol - 2,000 mg

Choline chloride - 6,500 mg

iron - 1,250 mg

zinc - 1,250 mg

Lysine - 50,000 mg

Methionine - 30,000 mg


Feeding advice

  • Horses (500-700 kg):
    - Before/during special stressful situations such as transport, competition etc. receive:
    • 20 ml/day. It is recommended to give the dose 2 hours beforehand.
    - For regeneration after illnesses:
    • 20 ml / 2-3 times per week
    via oral syringe or food

  • Medium and small horse breeds:
    - half the above ration


EQUINA Energy Xpro 200 ml, dosing system

10 applications for a 500-700 kg horse

Source of supply in Germany: Your veterinarian

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