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Performance: muscular system, rideability, fitness


EQUINA Myofortil Ultra

To optimize muscle metabolism, improve the relaxedness, condition and willingness to perform of high-performance horses.

With vitamin E, C and selenium, essential amino acids such as lysine, methionine, threonine - carnitine, as well as nicotinic acid, yeast and magnesium complex

Supplementary feed for horses

Optimal muscle metabolism requires a regulated supply of nutrients. Undersupply can lead to:

  • unrideability

  • Stiffness, tension and hardening

  • Muscle aches

  • Poor muscle formation

  • Lack of fitness

  • Inflammation, in muscles and joints, cross joints etc.

EQUINA Myofortil Ultra  is a supplementary feed specially designed for sport and high-performance horses to regulate and stabilize muscle metabolism during high loads in training and competition.

  • Muscle cell protection
    Vitamins E, C and selenium as active protective factors for muscles and connective tissue against cell-damaging free radicals.

  • Muscle energy
    Carnitine, nicotinic acid and yeast ensure energy production and its provision and storage in the muscle cell.

  • Muscle building
    A special natural amino acid complex (14 amino acids) as well as special additives of carnitine, lysine, methionine and threonine provide important building blocks for muscle building. The yeast's vitamin B complex supports the integration of proteins.

  • Muscle relaxation
    through biologically high-quality magnesium complex

Muscle and joint metabolism are thus optimally supported. This is reflected in improved willingness to perform, fitness, relaxation and rideability.

Premium Selection

The nutrients used are physiologically adapted to the horse's needs. They are manufactured in a nutrient-friendly manner and are characterized by high bioavailability and effectiveness with the best possible acceptance.


Study by Omnia / Italy:
EQUINA Myofortil Ultra was used for one month in 200 sport horses with elevated, muscle-damaging muscle enzyme levels. In 93.75% of these horses these values ​​were reduced by more than 35%. This was also reflected in improved performance

U. Hehlke, practicing veterinarian / Gevelsberg:
After placing in the M show jumping, my daughter came out of an L course a week later totally unhappy with 20 mistakes. "It doesn't jump at all!" were her words.
So there was a need for action:
blood sample, muscle profile: all values ​​significantly increased, CK was exorbitantly high!!
Inquiries revealed that EQUINA Myofortil Ultra  had been fed for about 10 days and that it wasn't that bad if he didn't get a little powder. Quickly reordered, and her faithful white horse jumped again.

A check of the muscle values ​​after 14 days showed: all values ​​were back in the green.


Dextrose, magnesium oxide, yeast, dicalcium phosphate, magnesium phosphate, soy, magnesium acetate, magnesium aspartate (hydrochloride)

Analytical components and contents

19.10% crude protein, 12.80% crude fat, 0.10% crude fiber, 26.25% crude ash, 11.60% HCL-insoluble ash, 7.50% lysine, 4.50% methionine, 4.10% threonine

Additives per kg

Vitamin E - 110,000 mg

Vitamin C as ProCell C - 150,000 mg

Vitamin B12 - 10,000 mcg

Nicotinic acid - 15,000 mg

Carnitine - 5,000 mg

selenium - 25 mg


Horses (500-700 kg)

- 20g/day

Medium and small horse breeds

- Provide half of the above ration with food or drinking water.


EQUINA Myofortil Ultra 600g

30 days for a 500-700 kg horse

EQUINA Myofortil Ultra 1,800g

90 days for a 500-700 kg horse

Source of supply in Germany: Your veterinarian

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