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Basic care: foals


EQUINA Meganutril Junior

For the harmonious overall development of suckling foals, especially of the skeletal and joint systems.

Liquid mineral concentrate (Ca/P = 1:1) with trace element and vitamin complex

Liquid supplementary feed for horses

The foal's growth performance in its first year of life is enormous. Depending on the type and breed, the young horse has reached up to 70% of its final weight and up to 90% of its overall development by the end of the first year of life.

A sufficient, high-quality nutrient supply to the suckling foal forms the basis for healthy development, particularly of the skeleton, the musculoskeletal system, the organs and the body tissue.

In addition to a balanced and high-quality protein supply, minerals and trace elements are of central importance here.

However, growth and development do not occur evenly, but rather in spurts. The third and fifth months are important here.

Inadequate or incorrect supply of minerals and trace elements causes developmental disorders and damage to the musculoskeletal system, which are difficult or impossible to repair.

The mare's milk can no longer meet this need after just 4 weeks and the pasture grass, even with the best quality and composition, cannot meet the demanding nutritional requirements of the growing foal.

There is a special need in the following cases:

  • in foals born immature

  • in severely deformed foals

  • Foals from older mares

  • Foals with weak joints

  • before growth spurts (e.g. before 3/4 months of age)

  • Growth depression

EQUINA Meganutril Junior  is specifically tailored to the nutritional needs of suckling foals in the first 6 months of life.

With  EQUINA Meganutril Junior,  the foal receives a needs-based, individually adapted and biologically high-quality nutrient supply. It forms the basic prerequisite for harmonious and regulated overall development, especially of the skeletal and musculoskeletal systems.

EQUINA Meganutril Junior  is routinely used as a supplement to breast milk in the first weeks of life. This can be done as early as the second day of life.

In order to prevent the above-mentioned undesirable developments in foals that are obviously at risk, these are accompanied with an increased dosage.

EQUINA Meganutril Junior  contains:

  • Minerals calcium, phosphorus, (Ca:P = 1:1)

  • magnesium

  • Trace elements, copper, zinc, manganese, iodine, selenium, iron, chlorine

  • vitamins A, D3, E, K3

  • Vitamin B complex

  • is free of potassium

EQUINA Meganutril Junior  is a proven combination of nutrients and compensates for increased needs and deficits quickly and reliably because:

EQUINA Meganutril Junior  is liquid. The paste can be dosed precisely and ensures rapid absorption of the nutrients.

EQUINA Meganutril Junior  contains ACTIVE2 TEC (Trace Element Complex). This novel trace element combination of organic and inorganic forms of a trace element such as iron, copper or zinc ensures optimal supply with high efficiency, immediate and depot effects. 


The nutrients used are physiologically adapted to the horse's needs. Manufactured in a way that conserves nutrients, they are characterized by excellent acceptance, high bioavailability and effectiveness.

Doping relevance: none


Dicalcium phosphate, monocalcium phosphate, magnesium chloride, magnesium oxide, glucose, sodium chloride

Analytical components and contents:

Crude protein 0.45%, crude fat 0.20%, crude fiber 0.0%, crude ash 37.90%, calcium 10.80%, phosphorus 9.90%, magnesium 1%

Additives per kg

Calcium - 108,000 mg

phosphorus - 99,000 mg

magnesium - 10,000 mg

chlorine - 10,000 mg

Vitamin A - 60,000 iU

Vitamin D - 31,000 iU

Vitamin E - 2,000 mg

Vitamin K - 3100 mg

Vitamin B1 - 100 mg

Vitamin B2 - 600 mg

Vitamin B6 - 100 mg

Vitamin B12 - 15,000 mg

Folic acid - 500 mg

Ca D pantothenate - 300 mg

Nicotinic acid - 300 mg

iron - 1,000 mg

copper - 100 mg

manganese - 700 mg

iodine - 2 mg

selenium - 1.5 mg


Nursing foal with an expected final weight of 500-700kg

- 1st day to 6th week of life 20ml to 30ml daily

- up to the 12th week of life 40ml daily

- 12th to 24th week of life 50ml daily

Medium and small horse breeds each receive half the above ration


EQUINA Meganutril Junior 1,000ml

Up to 50 rations for a foal with an expected final weight of 500-700kg

EQUINA Meganutril Junior 2,000ml

Up to 100 rations for a foal with an expected final weight of 500-700kg

Source of supply in Germany: Your veterinarian

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