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Individual: electrolyte balance


EQUINA Hydrolyte

Diet food to compensate for electrolyte losses caused by increased sweating with high-quality mineral salts and biologically valuable trace elements.

Supplementary feed for horses

Sweating, fever and diarrhea and the associated loss of nutrients, especially electrolytes and trace elements, can lead to a drop in performance, increased excitability, muscle tension or cramps.

EQUINA Hydrolyte  compensates for these nutrient losses quickly and reliably, for rapid regeneration and stable performance potential.

EQUINA Hydrolyte  is a high-quality electrolyte concentrate

  • Electrolytes (sodium, potassium, magnesium, chlorine and calcium) to regenerate performance potential

  • Iron and manganese to prevent exhaustion

  • Copper as an energy stabilizer

  • Zinc for muscle metabolism

With 30 g, EQUINA Hydrolyte compensates for the loss of electrolytes and trace elements in 2 liters of sweat.

Premium Selection
The nutrients used are physiologically adapted to the horse's needs. They are manufactured in a nutrient-friendly manner and are characterized by high bioavailability and effectiveness with the best possible acceptance.



Sodium chloride, glucose, potassium chloride, magnesium oxide, calcium carbonate, monocalcium phosphate

Analytical components and contents:

0.00% crude protein, 1.00% crude fat, 0.00% crude fiber, 74.45% crude ash, 0.80% calcium, 20.70% sodium, 1.00% magnesium, 10.65% potassium, 22, 00% glucose, 36.65% chlorine

Additives per kg

iron - 334 mg

copper - 20 mg

manganese - 20 mg

zinc - 730 mg


During times of increased need receive:

Horses (500-700 kg)

- 30-60 g = 1-2 measuring spoons/day


- 15-30 g = 1/2-1 measuring spoon/day

Medium and small horse breeds

- Provide half of the above ration with food or drinking water.


EQUINA Hydrolyte  1800g

60 rations for a 500-700 kg horse

Source of supply in Germany: Your veterinarian

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